Chloe Bagley Chloe Bagley
Great instructor
I cannot recommend Patrick enough. As someone who was extremely nervous to drive, he was so supportive throughout all my lessons. He got me through my test quickly but teaches more than just how to pass a test, he teaches how to drive and be safe on the roads. He was great at finding areas of improvement for me and working on them until they were solid. I never even used to go in bumper cars at fairs because I was so scared of driving but after passing first time with 0 minors, I feel confident and even look forward to driving. Great instructor. Thanks Patrick.

Best ever
Patrick is a very talented and experienced driving instructor. He's a patient and very supportive person. He shows you all the techniques to be a real world driver not just to pass the test. His learning method is very unique and personally I love it because he quickly identifies your weaknesses and correct them. I was a very weak in the beginning, however I was able to quickly overcome my weaknesses and built my confidence because of his brilliantly structured learning methods and guidance. No matter your age, experience or level of confidence, if you want to be a good real world driver then you must choos Patrick as your driving instructor.

Josh WebbJosh Webb
Passed first time with no faults
Patrick is the best choice no matter your situation, his caring and calming presence will undeniably help you on the road to success. He's funny, attentive and the easiest person in the world to get along with. He nurtures your skills and pushes you to be a better driver, and a better person. I wouldn't of passed my test without him. If you're looking for a quality driving instructor who you can trust and depend upon, it's Patrick. His cool and calm demeanor will ensure that you pass your test, with no problems whatsoever. He believes in you, so...Believe in him. I certainly do. Thank you Patrick, if anyone ever asks me for a driving instructor, your name will be the very first thing I say.

Lauren OrmomdeLauren Ormomde
Passed first time with no faults
Thank you so much Patrick for all of your help and support! It was truly your great teaching that has taught me how to drive safely and confidently. I would definitely recommend you to all. I am extremely grateful for everything that you've done. Thank you.

Lee CollighanLee Collighan
Passed first time with no faults
Thank you so much Patrick, I couldn't have done it without all of your amazing work and support. I am extremely grateful for everything that you have done for me. I highly recommend Patrick to everyone wanting to learn with a true professional.

Daniel H,Daniel H,
Outstanding instructor
Patrick is fantastic, he encourages you all the way from the start to the finish. I passed on my first attempt, I couldn't have done it without the help and instruction from him. I would strongly recommend him to all.

Alex SpencerAlex Spencer
Passed first time, only 2 minors
***** Five Star Lessons! ***** Fantastic Guy, passed first time! (and I'm lead footed!) Patrick creates a friendly atmosphere to learn in without feeling any judgment. He will help you pass very quickly if you listen to him and take on board all of his adjustments. I will be recommending him to anyone and everyone that needs to learn. Thank you Patrick!

Super patient, easy going, motivating and he helps to put you at ease.
I was really excited about learning to drive and a little nervous. Patrick put me at ease immediately, by motivating me and giving me easy instruction to follow. Patrick was patient with me even when I was stalling and making the same mistakes. Patrick's on going correction soon helped me to master the skills to pass. Thanks Patrick

Lisa PallentLisa Pallent
Top of all instructors
I was a 42 year old, car hating, easily distracted, non-spacially aware, terrified, overly sensitive non-driver, who by the power of Patrick has just passed her driving test. He is the only instructor who made any sense to me with his patient and informative method of teaching and he stuck with me through my wide range of emotional outbursts which ranged from crying, shouting and even growling at one point. He was professional, kind and very easy to talk to and amazing value for money. I always felt completely safe with Patrick and had 100% of his attention throughout every lesson. I will be forever grateful for the time and effort he put into teaching me to drive. Thanks boss xx

Sara StephensonSara Stephenson
Passed first time on a intensive course.
Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor started learning how to drive on Monday ... passed my test on Friday Wasn't easy to try to cram it in over the week there was tears and tantrums and that was just off Patrick ๐Ÿ˜€ I wanted to give up half way but Patrick helped me and coached me and when I didn't think I could do it, he helped me realise anything can be achieved. Thank you so very much.

Jane GreigJane Greig
Passed first time
I cant thank Patrick enough, I'm an 'older' learner who in the past has given up with other instructors and never been near taking a test.....BUT Patrick never gave up on me and I passed 1st time today, his genuine friendly but professional personality makes you at ease from the very first lesson. We have had some laughs and banter along the way but with every lesson I felt more confident and any negativity I showed was always dealt by Patrick in a brilliant manner. I cant recommend Patrick enough especially for pupils with confidence and nerve issues.

Phil CasePhil Case
Passed with only one minor
Friendly, easy to get on with an all round to bloke, definitely a grate instructor ! Thanks for everything. Will definitely recommend to friends an family.

Jasper SoleJasper Sole
Had a fantastic time.
Went with Patrick to learn how to go from automatic driving to manual, he did a fantastic job teaching and explaining everything, really made the lessons a fun and worthwhile experience. Great sense of humour and a bloody nice bloke, helped set me at ease for driving and taking in the learning effectively. Very happy with the results. Highly recommend his services.

Jordan WalkerJordan Walker
Second attempt pass
Patrick is an extremely good instructor, very friendly and easy to be with. He helped me to pass on my second attempt after a weeks intensive course.

Flossie DixsonFlossie Dixson
First time pass
Patrick is an great driving instructor, laid back, supportive and very patient. I wouldn't have been able to pass first time without him, especially with only two minors. Would definitely recommend to anyone learning.

Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson
1st time pass
Patrick is an excellent instructor. He helped me pass on my first go I did 10 lessons with him and he was always calm and I could feel the confidence he had in me which helped me. I would recommend him to anyone I even mentioned him to my brother in law and now he is driving with him. he is one top bloke and he has a laugh and joke with you. not 1 fault to say.

Terence HartTerence Hart
Passed first time๐Ÿ˜€
I have recently passed my test. However, without Patrick and his patients with my slow learning abilities I wouldn't have passed. I'd recommend him to everyone and anyone.

Ian FoyIan Foy
Passed on my first go
Patrick Lewis was a very good instructor, he got me to pass on my first go after only doing 20 hours of instruction. Always smart and on time, could not ask for anything more.

Grainne FeeneyGrainne Feeney
Best instructor
Passed with Patrick, after just 5 months of driving lessons only 2 hours a week! He was so helpful and supportive all the way through and made me feel confident when driving! Thanks Patrick!!

Rebecca BostonRebecca Boston
Passed first time
Not a single thing I could fault Patrick on. Passed first time after only a short time of teaching. His method of teaching is excellent and always managed to make me feel calm and confident. Thank you for all the help Patrick! I'd recommend you to anyone!

Megan CastelloMegan Castello
First time pass
Patrick Lewis is very easy to get on with, funny and professional. I had no idea how to drive before my first lesson with him. After the first 5 hours with Patrick he told me that it would take a total of 30 and I would pass, he was correct I passed on my first attempt.

Paramjot SingParamjot Sing
Patrick Lewis is the best
I have really enjoyed my lessons. Learning with Patrick has been amazing, he is an incredible driving instructor and i would fully recommend him to anyone i know that is wanting to take lessons. He has been very patient during my lessons and teaches in a way that is easy to understand.

Alex OrtonAlex Orton
Passed first time
Patrick is a excellent instructor, I started using him in August and I have passed on my first attempt in the first week of February. I can not fault his way of teaching in a million years, I am a very nervous person and he helped me to be more confident. I will be recommending him to anyone, as the best driving instructor.

Callum RothCallum Roth
First time PASS
I would strongly recommend Patrick Lewis to anyone. I called him up and asked if it was possible for him to get me from no driving experience to a passing standard in a few weeks. After 35 hours over 2 weeks, I passed at Darlington test centre. Thank you so much, I needed to pass for my job.

Jonathan DaglieshJonathan Dagliesh
Only 3 minors
Brilliant person and a brilliant instructor, Patrick Lewis helped me to pass my test. I would recommend him to anyone and as soon as my daughter is older enough to drive I will call him to be her instructor.

Stephanie FungStephanie Fung
Passed with only 2 faults
Patrick Lewis is the best, he is funny, professional, kind, caring and over all a brilliant instructor that fill me with confidence. I can only say good things about him and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Dominic HillDominic Hill
Passed first time
Had a great time learning to drive with Patrick Lewis. I only do 30 hours spread out over 15 weeks and I passed on my first attempt. He was always on time, nice and pleasant and very happy. I can only say good things about him, I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

John BeattieJohn Beattie
Passed first time
Patrick is my big brother in law, so I must say that he is the best. It is true becouse he got me through it and I passed on my first attempt. So if you want a great instructor that gets the job done? Then my big brother in law is the instructor for you.

James DuroseJames Durose
Passed first time
Patrick is out standing, with his help I passed with only one driving fault. At first he came to my home and talked me through the options of the courses and the payment methods. He is very understanding and helpful, I could relax and talk with Patrick in my lessons. I would really recommend him to anyone who would need an instructor.

Dale ReadmanDale Readman
Passed first time
I have had the pleasure of having my lessons with Patrick, I passed the driving test on my first attempt with only 2 minors. Patrick is brilliant, his no time wasting approach ensured that I had plenty of practice with no time wasted chatting. He was always on time, professional and constantly observing me to ensure all my faults were corrected.

Helen Gillespie Helen Gillespie
Passed first time
I had a fantastic time learning to drive with Patrick Lewis, he used the LDC system. The free LDC book that Patrick give me on the first day was a great help to, It give me that extra help when I was in between lessons. With Patrick been an ex-serviceman his lessons were firm but still fun. I did only 33 hours with Patrick from start to finish I was convinced that it would take me much longer, as some of my friends have done much longer. Patrick and LDC are brilliant and would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Amelia Hattersley Amelia Hattersley
Great pass
I have had the best time learning with Patrick Lewis, he had been patient with me when at first I was finding it hard. He is a very versatile, diligent and professional instructor, always changing his lesson to help me achieve the most out of it. I would recommend him and LDC to all my friends and family.

James PenkethJames Penketh
Passed first time
I passed first time with only 4 minors, thanks to the help and instruction given by Patrick Lewis using the LDC system. He kept all the lessons light, informative and fun, I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends as one of the best instructors going.

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